Ohio State Basketball Player Mark Titus Thought OSU Football Players Drove Really Nice Cars

Mark Titus, the benchwarming blogger from the Ohio State basketball team decided to delve into the Ohio State-Jim Tressel-car dealership mess. Titus claims to have no insider knowledge or facts other than what has been reported, but his anecdotal data is fun to examine, anyway. 

While I don’t really know anything about the whole tattoo ordeal, I’m almost certain that there was something shady going on with the car dealer. In fact, as the news of the free tattoos and sold merchandise or whatever came out, I kept telling my family how funny it was that they were getting busted for tattoos and gold pants when I was pretty sure they had been getting serious discounts on cars for years … it seemed like everyone on the football team had either a new Charger or a new Chrysler 300.

I’m sure the Ohio State athletic department loved this quote. Can someone ask Jon Deibler if he feels the same way?

all guys were paid a considerably larger stipend than we were (in all honesty, that could be the case – I really don’t know), were excellent at managing their money, came from financially well off families, or received discounted and/or free cars. I really can’t see how any of them could’ve had the cars they did without at least one of those four things applying.

What about option No. 5? They won a scratch-ticket lottery? Why wasn’t that considered? Or what if their girlfriends hooked it up? Remember Joe McKnight?

I’ll be shocked if the NCAA doesn’t find anything when they look into this car scandal, but again I feel like I need to stress that I’m only basing this viewpoint off of information that every OSU student from 2006-2010 should have (after all, the football players weren’t exactly discreet with their cars).

Oh, I’m sure the NCAA will find something. Punishment? Nah. The Buckeyes and Tressel will probably skate.

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