John Elway Wants Punk Rock Band to Change Its Name

A Fort Collins, Colorado punk rock band that “usually plays for about 30 people in various basements” changed its name from “10-4 Eleanor” to “Elway” last year. Apparently, John Elway didn’t like a small-time punk band using his last name, so representatives for Elway sent a letter to the band requesting that they change the name.

Of course, the band has now gone public with this information, and is getting way more publicity than they ever would have received from making something out of this. They have said that they are not changing the name. Good for them, I guess. I mean, it’s a dumb name for a band, but there are lots of dumb names for bands, and lots of bands have been named after people who weren’t in the band. I think they have a pretty good case that they don’t have to change the name since no one owns a last name and Elway hasn’t put out any records I’m aware of, well, unless they put horse teeth on the cover art. Then, the balancing test shifts.

If changing the name to Elway and the publicity of Elway not liking it makes them a few extra bucks so they can buy beer when they come through St. Louis and Kansas City this summer, have at it.

[photo via Getty]

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