Hangover II Was Exactly The Same As The Original, But It Made More Money And You Hate It

The Hangover: Part II was exactly the same as The Hangover. The plot, the timing, the beats, the jokes, the characters … It was all pretty much the same as the first one. The audience at Rotten Tomatoes has it rated 94% Fresh. (The original is 91%.) On IMDB its a solid 7.1 out of 10. (The original is a 7.9) It made $86 million this weekend and is now the fourth biggest Memorial Day 4-day weekend opening of all time. (The original made $44.9 million)

Basically, The Hangover Part II was a giant commercial success and the audience seemed to really like it. I can’t find anyone to admit it though. One friend called it “unwatchable” and lazier than Home Alone 2. Another texted to give it a C- and call it “shit.”

Maybe I’m a simple guy. While The Hangover might not hold up as well or be as re-watchable as some of my favorite comedies, it will always have a special place in my heart. Two months after the original came out I went to a bachelor party in Atlantic City. We were 6 of the millions of douchebags in town quoting Zach Galifianakis and talking about pagers non-stop that weekend. I’ll never be able to hear Live Your Life or Can’t Tell Me Nothing without smiling. That’s just the way I am.

Like I said, Hangover 2 was the same as Hangover 1. Right down to the time lapse skyline and hip-hop song. This time there’s a monkey instead of a baby. They’re in Bangkok instead of Vegas. It didn’t take any chances, but damnit if it wasn’t enjoyable to see the Wolfpack again.

I know Carlos was fun, but it’s been scientifically proven that monkeys are funnier than babies. Sure there won’t be an awesome/immediately stupid t-shirt to come from The Hangover Part II, but if it means I see more bags of Fanta, I’m cool with that.

Why are people complaining that they made the exact same film if the first film was such a classic? I’ll remember it fondly like I do the first. It made me laugh and sometimes that’s all I ask. I don’t need to add the film to my DVD collection, but it did what I was hoping it would do. Even if it did it t he exact same way.


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