Roundup: Ricky Rubio, the Dolphins' QB Situation & a Seattle Family Raising Baby Kangaroos

Carrie Underwood … I found this hysterical: Middle-aged men have ‘hotness delusion syndrome‘ … this is totally the perfect Florida story … man dies from one-punch from female on $5 bet … check out this idiot’s mugshot … jarring headline: Bangladesh woman takes ‘attacker’s’ penis to policebeer pong game lead to deadly stabbing … no way this Facebook stat is true … best drug ever: “Drug Suppresses Recall of Bad Memories, Leaves Non-Bad Memories Intact” … video of Jimmer burying a ton of three-pointerslong commutes to work are bad, bad news … family in Seattle raising baby Kangaroos … bank robbers in Chicago dress like the criminals in the movie, ‘The Town’ …

The World Health Organization chimes in on cancer and cell phones. [CNN]

I agree: Mike Brown has little or no chance for success with the Lakers. If he’s going to do it at all, it needs to be next season. [OC Register]

It appears as if another Ricky Rubio deadline has passed. But you’re probably sick of hearing about the kid, anyway. [Star-Trib]

Here are the 10 best international NBA draft picks in the last 10 years … and the biggest busts. [National Hoops Report]

Some athletes are doing their part to drive the word “faggot” out of the sports world; Jason Whitlock wants to know why more black athletes aren’t doing the same for the n-word. [Fox Sports]

Kevin Dineen is expected to be named the Florida Panthers’ new coach today. [Herald]

If Matt Moore really pushes Chad Henne in Miami, the Dolphins will be one of the worst teams in the league. [Red Zone]

Carlos Boozer bought a 4,000 square-foot condo in South Beach. [South Florida Business Journal]

Anyone ever nearly get into a fight because some jerk reclined his seat on a plane? [Washington Post]

Imagine having HIV … and then having it go away. [NY Magazine]

If you’re in Oregon, this may matter to you: “Should City’s Health Care Cover Gender Reassignment?” [KPTV]

Ray Rice decided to play catch on the beach with some randoms. [Patch]

Ballboy french open [via Hot Clicks]

She’s loud. And attractive. [via Fang’s Bites]

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