NBA Finals: Mavs - Heat Game 2

The Heat look unbeatable right now. The unstoppable offense that ripped through the Western Conference was stopped on Tuesday night. Turns out Beastern Conference defense still means a thing or two in the Finals.

Fortunately, the free throws were in favor of Dallas throughout the game, as well as late on Tuesday so we didn’t have to listen to any “home cooking” cries from the anti-LeBron crowd. Dallas shot 9 FTs in the 4th against Miami’s 8 and 32 to Miami’s 26 total. Dirk shot 12 himself. LeBron and Dwyane Wade shot 7 total.

Fun fact: Tuesday night, the Heat became the first team in 36 years to win a game in the NBA Finals with two starters going scoreless. Mike Bibby and Joel Anthony combined for 0 points on 0-5 shooting. Bibby was 0-4 from downtown. The fact that he still starts both amuses and frustrates me. It’s the same with DeShawn Stevenson and Dallas. I’m really intrigued by mediocre-to-awful players who start both halves and then never touch the floor during the second or fourth quarters.

Because you want to see it first!

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