Wayne Rooney's Hair Transplant Should Be Inspirational

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney confirmed on Twitter this morning that got a hair transplant. Presumably, a full head of hair is his way of thanking his wife Coleen for sticking with him through the whole prostitute thing.

Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25 why not. I’m delighted with the result.

It’s still a bit bruised and swollen when it dies down u will be first to see it. Anyone recommend any good hair gel. Haha

Hi all let’s try and get #hairwego trending

Rooney should be an inspiration to young balding men everywhere. (*nods at Kate Middleton’s husband*) Hopefully, this allows Jeremy Piven to step up and explain why Ari Gold has more hair than Droz. And maybe LeBron can get an afro transplant so he doesn’t have to keep sneaking that massive headband to the North.

Because you want to see it first!

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