Bruins Fans Booze More Than Celtics Fans

Apparently the general sentiment among the non-hockey media in Boston is that Bruins fans are more of the lower class type when compared to that of their hoop-enthused counterparts. But according to Garden VP of sales and marketing Amy Latimer, Bruins fans buy 25 percent more on food and beverage services and an upward of 30 percent more beer than Celtics fans.

Though I suppose a simple  two-word counterargument from a Celtics fan might sound something like “fat drunks.”

But Bruins fans are actually richer, too. According to league data, the average household income for NHL fans is $104,000. MLB comes in second at 96,200, the NBA is at $96,000, and the NFL rounds it out at $94,500.

Garden fans on the money [Boston.com]

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