Bob Brenly Calls Cubs "Another Dead-Ass Team"

Bob Brenly Calls Cubs "Another Dead-Ass Team"


Bob Brenly Calls Cubs "Another Dead-Ass Team"

Bob Brenly is the color commentator for the Cubs on WGN, Comcast SportsNet, WCIU, and possibly six other networks. Much like the fans, Brenly sounds like man exhausted of watching the Cubs but his clear dismay didn’t prevent him from making the following succinctly accurate assessment of the club. The former D-Backs manager went on 670 The Score this morning and called the men impersonating professional baseball players a “dead-ass” team.

Here’s most of the refreshingly blunt analysis:

“This has been, once again, another dead-ass team. You’ve got some guys that look like they’re just playing out the string, and we’re only in the first (week) of June here, and we know from past experience that Carlos is not one of those guys that can sit by idly and keep his mouth shut and just let things continue to spiral downward. He’s going to express his opinion, he’s going to be emotional about it when he does it … I just think it’s a guy who is frustrated with the way the season has gone, he’s frustrated with the way his teammates have approach their daily business … For me, it’s time. It’s about time that somebody stood up and said ‘Enough is enough. I’m tired of watching this.’”

And here’s the Biz Z rant he’s in support of. Brenly certainly wouldn’t be the only one in Chicago who thought Zambrano’s quotes were pitch perfect:

[@PWSullivan; vid via CSN Chicago]

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