Delusional Ohio State Fans Hold Vigil For Jim Tressel

Ohio State fans are coping with the loss of Jim Tressel. If by “coping” you mean maintaining complete denial, blaming the media for a witch-hunt and resorting to the ever ineffectual “everyone else is doing it” defense. Loyal Buckeyes held a vigil over the weekend, culminating in a spirited sing-a-long on Jim Tressel’s doorstep.

Reports they then diffused across campus, placing candles on the dashboards of every Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 with dealer plates are unconfirmed.

Fans need not worry, as Tressel’s legacy is sure to endure in Columbus, especially when tOSU spends the better part of the next decade rebuilding from crippling sanctions.

Also, it should be noted. Michiganders genuinely don’t “give a damn about the whole state of Ohio.” That’s why they don’t sing about it.

[HT to Dr. Saturday]

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