Mets Will Not Celebrate 25th Anniversary of '86 Champs

For reasons that will fittingly remain forever unknown, the New York Mets have no plans of honoring the 25th anniversary of the beloved 1986 World Series championship team. They apparently did honor the colorful bunch on the 20th anniversary, which makes the lack of plans for the 25th to be somewhat perplexing, stupid and short-sighted, all common symptoms of the decaying franchise.

It’s been mentioned that part of the reason for no celebration is due to the new regime wanting to establish its own identity, which is more than fine and makes perfect sense for a team peddling backwards, but ignoring rich history and things that actually make their fans happy is baffling.

I don’t know what it’s like to be a Mets fan, but I imagine it to be the equivalent of having someone constantly offering your ear drums the excruciating sounds of Lloyd Christmas while another person runs your soul through a paper shredder.

[via ESPN NY; photo via Getty]

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