Is Texas Next? Colt McCoy's Wife Talks Longhorn Athlete Perks On ESPN Radio

Colt McCoy’s wife, Rachel was on The Colin Cowherd show today. She may have launched the next big college football scandal! Over the 6-minute clip McCoy’s wife – who randomly called into the show – talked about players at Texas regularly getting free meals from boosters, getting approached by agents and teammates who got cars. Here’s a partial transcription:

Regularly it’s just dinner. People in Texas are just being friendly, they don’t mean anything by it at all. They don’t realize realize most of the time it’s a violation. At Texas you’re taught to take absolutely nothing, I don’t care if it’s a hot dog or soda.

But you’ve got guys, grown adult men with law degrees – educated men – what are they going to gain out of this? It’s to say, ‘Hey, I bought so and so dinner, hey I took so and so to do this’ … It’s grown men and their pride.

You cannot expect 19-20 year old kids to say no to free stuff when they’re in college … It’s hard, I think, for a lot of these guys to even know to say, ‘I can take this, I can’t take this, nobody’s going to know, will someone find out?’Things that could be handed to you that seem so minor – a dinner, a hunt, a fishing trip – most kids don’t even realize are illegal.

I know Colt was approached quite a bit [by agents] but I saw so many of his teammates who didn’t have some of that self control to say no to somebody … it’s hard, because you have adults who you respect and who you think will know what’s right and wrong … when you have adults promising things and offering things …

She even tweeted about her experience.

Great point @ESPN_Colin to hold “grown ADULT boosters accountable in all this NCAA violation stuff. “Quit being leeches” AGREED!! – @Rachel_McCoy

Mack Brown’s empire is about to be torn apart by a Baylor track athlete. It’ll be interesting to see if this really does turn into an investigation of the Texas Longhorns football program.

[ESPN Radio]
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