The Roundup: Kenny Britt is the New Pacman Jones, Where Will Monta Ellis Be Traded & a Canucks Fan in Bodypaint

Blake Lively … here’s a crazy Facebook story … she was driving topless … a scary elephant rampageRounders 2? … a teacher in Oklahoma is in trouble for you-know-what … video of a guy trying really, really hard to break into a store … he claimed the house was inherited when in reality, he was squatting … what are the safest SUVs? … I love Rachel McAdams, which is why I enjoyed this brief video … bear gets hit by a car, then flies through the windsheild of another car, killing two people … “Connecticut To Decriminalize Marijuana” … for all the Weird Al fans

Titans receiver Kenny Britt is getting arrested at an alarming rate – one columnist even compared him to Pacman Jones. [Star-Ledger, Tennessean]

Soccer players up in the club, grinding on chicks. [Kickette]

Statistically, you should love Derrick Williams and Charles Jenkins in the NBA draft. [SI]

I wonder how vindicated Brian Fuentes feels after Oakland fired manager Bob Geren yesterday. [Oakland Tribune]

Of all these Monta Ellis trade possibilities, the Memphis one intrigues me most. [Mercury News]

Hey, women in politics have sex scandals, too! [New Yorker]

What does Deron Williams dumping his agent mean? [Sports Agent Blog]

Joba’s gonna need Tommy John surgery, probably. [NYDN]

If the Feds didn’t search their home due to non-payment of student loans, why’d they search the house? [News 10]

“Spanish Golf Blogger Finds ProAm Partner in Bathtub.” [The Golf Girl]

Yesterday was not a good day for Newt Gingrich. [Politico]

Shania Twain took a spill at the CMAs this week. The last time we talked about Shania Twain, it spawned a discussion about wedding “1st dance” songs.

This call certainly captures the excitement of the moment; I didn’t think he needed to apologize. [via College Baseball Daily]

Fake, but very, very funny. [via Jimmy Traina]

Thought you might like this Canucks’ female fan only wearing body paint on her chest. [via Sportsfeeder]

Because you want to see it first!

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