Ducks' Star Cliff Harris Attempted to Break the Sound Barrier in a Nissan Altima Near Albany, Oregon

Cliff Harris is Oregon’s All-American cornerback and he’s also an immensely talented punt returner. He’s projected as an NFL first-round pick in 2012 (I have him going 12th, to the Vikings). He was also caught speeding at 118-mph this weekend near Albany, Oregon. Noteworthy: Harris was driving with a suspended license. Because you’re obviously interested in what he was driving … it was a 2011 Nissan Altima. Scandal? Nope. It was just a rental.

Harris, who will be a junior next season, was spotted at 4:32 a.m. by an off-duty officer, who contacted a trooper patrolling the area, according to a statement from the OSP.

By law, being stopped for driving over 100 mph carries a fine of $1,148. Harris also must pay an additional $427 for driving on a suspended license.

Harris was in the car with two teammates (their names were not released). Chip Kelly’s got his first dilemma of the season, and it’s only June – how do you discipline your best defensive player? Oregon opens the season with LSU, which will come in ranked in the Top 15. The Tigers have a capable QB in Jordan Jefferson (who some think could even be a Heisman candidate!).

Does Kelly punish Harris for a quarter? A half? Not at all? My guess is that because this happened in June, and Harris has three months to “make it up” to his coach/team/authorities … there won’t be any punishment. Can Chip Kelly really run the risk of a fumbled punt or botched coverage resulting in an easy touchdown for the Tigers? He’d never hear the end of it if LSU won and it was Oregon’s only blemish of the season.

That being said, if the opener were against Nevada (week two opponent), I bet Harris would sit out a half.  [Oregonian]

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