Ground Rule Double Drives Minor League Manager Up A Wall

This took place at yesterday’s Durham – Norfolk minor league baseball game. A Norfolk hitter drove the ball deep into the outfield and past the padding on the fence. The ball is retrieved by an umpire and the ruling on the field is changed to a ground rule double. From there, Norfolk manager Gary Allenson does a slow-burn tantrum that stretches on for about 5 minutes as he climbs the wall in the outfield trying to find more balls. Allenson had this to say about his performance:

“That’s why I climbed the wall: maybe I could find a ball out there, too. Maybe there are five balls out there. Maybe I’ll find a ball that’s a little wet and I’ll rub it up and it’ll be dry.”

Alas, there were no balls to be found that day. Allenson headed to the showers empty-handed.

[IndyWeek.com, vid via @JimmyTraina, Headline via my noggin]

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