Mystery Surrounding Joe Mauer's Ailment May Be Cleared Up Thursday

Joe Mauer has been on the disabled list since April with weak legs. Presumably from a combination of carrying around a wallet full of cash and seeing a particularly pretty girl. And that’s about as good of a reason as you’ll get.

If there is a mystery ailment other than the leg weakness and sore shoulder that have sidelined Twins all-star catcher Joe Mauer for two months, club President Dave St. Peter said he’s not aware of it.

Speculation continues as to what has prolonged Mauer’s return to the lineup, all without proof.

“There are a lot of closet doctors out there,” St. Peter said. “I trust our doctors. I expect (Mauer) will be back relatively soon.”

Mauer has been playing minor league ball and is expected to return to the Twins on Thursday for a series against the White Sox. Here’s what Will Carroll had to say about Mauer and the Twins medical staff back before Mauer was moved to the 60-day DL.

This means that the Twins — and the Twins medical staff — put Mauer in a position where they knew he was unlikely to succeed. Mauer is about a week away from a rehab assignment that, it’s assumed, will focus on his catching as much as it will getting him live at-bats. We have to assume that the check on his SI joint and on his surgically-repaired knee came back well and now he just has to get into baseball shape. It’s simply a wonder how they let him do that before, which opens the doors to questions about how they’ll decide he’s ready this time around.

So is Mauer actually going to come back and earn some of that $23,000,000 this year?

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