Cliff Harris' Rental Car Was Paid For By University Employee

Cliff Harris was cited for driving 118 mph on Sunday morning. Surprise, surprise – the Nissan Altima that the All-American was driving was paid for by a university official. The woman who rented the car says that its all on the up-and-up and that Harris paid her the rental amount to borrow the car.

“So, I rented the car for my own purposes on Friday. Cliff Harris and his licensed friend, who showed me his license, asked to borrow it and paid me the full amount in cash that I paid for the rental,” said the woman, who agreed to speak to KEZI, on condition of anonymity.

The woman, who describes herself as a friend of Harris over the past few months, said she was unaware Cliff would be driving and also said she has proof that the amount she paid for the rental car matches two separate deposits she made into her bank account Friday.

“I do have a copy of my bank statement, showing two deposits Friday of $180 and $120.”

So what is the bigger deal here – the 118 mph speeding ticket? Or the fact that a University of Oregon employee rented the car? Personally, I’m going with the 118 mph thing.

[KEZI, Image via Getty]

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