The Roundup: Leonard Pope is a Hero, the US Open is Nearly Here & Conan O'Brien's Commencement Speech

Jana Kramer … Jennifer Aniston, homewrecker? … NY police told this biker to put some pants on … geez, who hasn’t dropped an F-bomb in the presence of a flight attendant? … they tell you this in baby classes … I had this headline typed, but it was too disturbing to see it on the page … a Jersey Shore chick with Daisy Dukes on … Tracy Morgan, flip-flopper … a catamaran flipped over in the San Francisco Bay over the weekend … if you ever wondered what the interior of Felicity’s Brooklyn brownstone looks like … the US wonders: where did $6.6 billion go? … whoops! …

Leonard Pope of the KC Chiefs saved a 6-year-old from drowning in a pool over the weekend. [Americus Times-Recorder]

Enormous game for USA soccer tonight in Kansas City. Duffy will preview it later. [KC Star]

The US Open begins Thursday, and the first question is, what random will lead the field after the first round? [Wash Post]

Here’s a detailed US Open preview. [Wei Under Par]

So can Vanderbilt win the College World Series? [The Atlantic]

Kobe Bryant still hasn’t said anything about the hiring of Mike Brown. [LA Times]

This is a pretty awesome post about agents and sports. [Agent Linton]

Terrelle Pryor and Drew Rosenhaus should make a fantastic team. [Plain-Dealer]

The Dodgers need to pay Manny Ramirez $8.3 million by the end of this month. [ESPN LA]

Aaron Rodgers of the Packers has started his own record label. [KRCR-TV]

Wimbledon rocks. [GQ India]

Welcome to the party, pal: Tom Scocca goes after Wright Thompson. [Deadspin]

A game-by-game breakdown where a writer predicts the Arkansas Razorbacks will go 10-2. [SW Times]

“… a woman who is suspected of robbing a Wells Fargo Bank on Thursday evening and threatening the clerk with AIDS.” [Times Call]

Conan O’Brien’s awesome commencement speech at Dartmouth. [via Uproxx]

According to a reader who emailed us this video, two California football players (Mike Costanzo and Alex Lagemann) are featured. Just don’t ask which us which two.

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