The Roundup: Leonard Pope is a Hero, the US Open is Nearly Here & Conan O'Brien's Commencement Speech

Jana Kramer … Jennifer Aniston, homewrecker? … NY police told this biker to put some pants on … geez, who hasn’t dropped an F-bomb in the presence of a flight attendant? … they tell you this in baby classes … I had this headline typed, but it was too disturbing to see it on the page … a Jersey Shore chick with Daisy Dukes on … Tracy Morgan, flip-flopper … a catamaran flipped over in the San Francisco Bay over the weekend … if you ever wondered what the interior of Felicity’s Brooklyn brownstone looks like … the US wonders: where did $6.6 billion go? … whoops! …

Leonard Pope of the KC Chiefs saved a 6-year-old from drowning in a pool over the weekend. [Americus Times-Recorder]

Enormous game for USA soccer tonight in Kansas City. Duffy will preview it later. [KC Star]

The US Open begins Thursday, and the first question is, what random will lead the field after the first round? [Wash Post]

Here’s a detailed US Open preview. [Wei Under Par]

So can Vanderbilt win the College World Series? [The Atlantic]

Kobe Bryant still hasn’t said anything about the hiring of Mike Brown. [LA Times]

This is a pretty awesome post about agents and sports. [Agent Linton]

Terrelle Pryor and Drew Rosenhaus should make a fantastic team. [Plain-Dealer]

The Dodgers need to pay Manny Ramirez $8.3 million by the end of this month. [ESPN LA]

Aaron Rodgers of the Packers has started his own record label. [KRCR-TV]

Wimbledon rocks. [GQ India]

Welcome to the party, pal: Tom Scocca goes after Wright Thompson. [Deadspin]

A game-by-game breakdown where a writer predicts the Arkansas Razorbacks will go 10-2. [SW Times]

“… a woman who is suspected of robbing a Wells Fargo Bank on Thursday evening and threatening the clerk with AIDS.” [Times Call]

Conan O’Brien’s awesome commencement speech at Dartmouth. [via Uproxx]

According to a reader who emailed us this video, two California football players (Mike Costanzo and Alex Lagemann) are featured. Just don’t ask which us which two.

Because you want to see it first!

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