The Yankees Wished Kate Upton a Happy Birthday

Kate Upton had the pleasure of attending the Yankees-Indians tilt last night in the Bronx, a game that featured Derek Jeter’s 2,994th hit as well as Derek Jeter’s strained right calf.

Since Kate’s birthday happened to be this past Friday, June 10, members of the ever aware and thoughtful Yankee organization were nice enough to have some delectable desserts delivered to her and her sister, Christie, to honor her recent celebration of the big 1-9.

I wonder how many drinks were sent their way? I’m guessing at least enough to get Charles Barkley to toss someone through a window.

Posting this item also gives me an excuse to link to this semi-NSFW thong shot of Upton that led to her winning the day in convincing fashion back in February.

[via @ChristieU]

Because you want to see it first!

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