Roundup: Bar, Arianny, Scary Hitters, Dangerous Dessert, and the NBA Draft

Bar… bad teacher…. cats that look like Hitlerbananas Foster injures 4stolen lawnpickup truck ban…a fun riot pictureWal-Mart makes moviesheadboards on Craig’s Listbeer battleshipcheating might be genetic… the Mavericks were on Letterman, but I can’t find the full video yet.. baby ingests methTV is bad for youPippa is single!

Guy shoots 18 hole-in-ones. It was on a mini golf course, but I still don’t believe him. (My Northwest)

How risky is Kyrie Irving as a top pick? (True Hoop)

Over 360,000 Citibank users were hacked. (TG Daily)

The scariest hitters in the NL. (The Legend of Cecilio Guante)

Stats reveal Matt Ryan is pretty good. (Pro Football Focus)

Brett Favre can still throw the ball really well. (SI)

Crystal Harris is in tears over her breakup with Hef. She’ll be really sorry if he dies soon. (ET)

Mid-Roundup Music: Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot. Fitting today. Well, I guess it would have been more fitting yesterday, I suppose. Silly Canadians.

Streaming site fights back against domain seizure. (Torrent Freak)

Man admits to shooting Tupac in 1994. Real tough guy stepping up 15 years after Tupac is dead. (CNN)

Gina Carano’s movie has a release date. In 2012. (Hollywood Reporter)

Why David Wright is wrong for the Mets. (NY Sports Space)

How Jose Bautista became baseball’s premiere power hitter. (The Post Game)

Jaleel White on his 31-year career. Seriously, that’s a headline. Family Matters lasted 9 years. (Vanity Fair)

Remember yesterday when I tried to post Draft Jimmer? Here it is with the necessary legal edits.

Here’s UFC octagon girl Arianny Celeste topless in a pile of limes. It’s an endorsement, but it’s quality. I guess this is slightly NSFW. It’s on YouTube.

Because you want to see it first!

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