Vancouver Riots 2011: Craziest Port-o-Potty Video You've Ever Seen, Flashbang Hits Man in the Groin & Pacifist Gets 1-Punched

You watch this, and questions will linger: Why was a man standing on top of a port-o-potty? What prompted this burly gentleman – in front of police! – to slam into the port-o-potty, knocking the man to the ground? There’s a large crowd witnessing this, yet there isn’t one audible gasp? (In the last video in this post, you’ll hear plenty of gasps.)

This gentleman is high on life because he not only slips on top of the burning car, but then he falls on the ground afterward. If this buffoon had the intelligence to acquire and hold down a job, I bet he called in late for work Thursday.

Hysterical. You’ll watch it over and over. The question: Was it a flashbang that hit him in the nuts?

This fight video has it all – a jackass jumping around like one of the Cobra Kais, some shaky, Blair Witch-camera activity, and the two men brawling to a backdrop of tear gas flying through the air. This could video could have easily been taken in the Gaza Strip in 2009.

This is terrible, and I hope the cops are able to identify the man who threw the punch and make an arrest. I can’t be certain, but the guy in the Canucks jersey looks like he’s been in a lot of videos, and in all of them, he appears to be the voice of reason, trying to prevent fights and/or looting. But late in this video, he gets one-punched. Looks like he got knocked out cold.

Because you want to see it first!

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