Venoy Overton: Pimp on, Pimp

Venoy Overton: Pimp on, Pimp


Venoy Overton: Pimp on, Pimp

Venoy Overton’s defensive prowess on the basketball court with the Washington Huskies over the last few years has been matched by his frustratingly idiotic decisions away from basketball. It seems as if he’s been embroiled in one mini-scandal after another in the last 12 months in Seattle. This latest one could put a crimp in any post-grad basketball plans he may have had overseas. According to police:

Kent Police detectives began their investigation of Overton in May when undercover Kent Officers contacted an 18 year old woman for prostitution activity on Pacific Highway South. While speaking with the woman, officers learned that she had been brought to the area by her boyfriend who directed her to perform acts of prostitution. She identified her boyfriend at Venoy Overton. The young woman also told officers that she had been given specific instructions of what sex acts to perform and what to charge, and had returned a portion of the money gained back to Overton. The woman further disclosed that she had been brought to the area to prostitute on two prior occasions.

Following their first meeting with the woman, Kent Detectives obtained additional evidence linking Overton to the crime.

I bolded the word “boyfriend.” Then, I gave it another read: Venoy Overton – who has a young child; it’s unclear if this girlfriend in question is the mother – allegedly was pimping out his girlfriend? I’m not up to speed on my pimp/prostitution lingo these days – do all hookers call their pimp their boyfriend?

When the Ohio State players needed extra money because the scholarship stipend wasn’t enough, they sold their memorabilia. Venoy Overton pimped out his girlfriend. [Seattle Times]