Even the Rose Bowl Bows For King NFL

New Years Day falls on a Sunday. Meaning the timeless college football bowl system must kowtow to King NFL. Sun. Jan 1 will feature 16 NFL football games. The New Years day slate, including the “Grandaddy of them All,” the Rose Bowl Game presented by VIZIO, will be played on Mon. 2, when nearly everyone is flying home. It’s dumb. Even if they initially moved the games for blue laws.

It seems America’s societal fabric could withstand the playing of college and professional football on the same day. Considering the league asks two teams to play in London mid-season, a Saturday night game does not seem so unreasonable. What’s the argument against this? Is the league worried the Rose Bowl would deflect attention? Or, would the league be worried that, juxtaposed against college football with fantasy season over and little gambling, the league might be exposed for the staid, formulaic product it is?

Arguing against the NFL’s whims is, like trying to take Asia in Risk, pointless. That said, the Rose Bowl is a genuine, more than a century-old American tradition. The NFL Sunday is one of many NFL Sundays. Blue Laws are out of vogue. The Rose Bowl should be immutable, on New Years Day. [Photo via Getty]

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