Rory McIlroy's Satisfying Chug from US Open Trophy

Some time around 1am this morning Rory McIlroy tweeted a photo of himself enjoying what I’m guessing was a prolonged “sip” from his 2011 US Open trophy. The engaging gesture is exactly why Rory’s journey should be fun regardless of its direction. The 22-year-old is refreshingly candid with the media, particularly for a golfer on the otherwise personality-free PGA tour, and his colorful presence on twitter has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. His participation in tournaments should be enough to get the casual fan to at least check in on the leaderboard, which looms rather large considering we’re currently without the magnetic Tiger Woods.

Also loving the fact that Rory’s girlfriend, Holly Sweeney, refers to him as “the curly one”:

Judging by this video and this set of pictures, she sure as hell seems like a lot of fun to hang with.

[via @McIlroyRory]

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