The Bruins Are Having a Great Time Partying With Stanley

Is there a championship series celebration that tops what continuously seems to happen after winning the Stanley Cup Finals? Right after winning a Super Bowl, sure, they go nuts. The World Series? Sure, spray each other with beer and go nuts. The NBA? A night of pure insanity followed by a night or two of wandering solo.

But in the NHL, the team basically travels together from city to city going absolutely apeshit for weeks on end, and it doesn’t get any better for guys like Tyler Seguin. As Busted Coverage points out, the dude is 19-years-old and already a Stanley Cup champion. Right now his world consists primarily of countless sets of breasts beggin’ for a squeeze. I just hope he remembers some of the boobs.

The pictures seen above happen to be from the Bruins recent night at a club in Foxwoods, home to the instantly infamous $100k Ace of Spades bottle.

Although the Road Beef doesn’t appear to be in the category of legendary, you must remember these guys have been piss drunk since winning the Stanley Cup, which was roughly 108 hours ago.

Boston Bruins’ Tyler Seguin’s Shirtless Foxwoods Shenanigans [Busted Coverage]

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