McKeon Makes Presence Felt by Benching Hanley

Hanley Ramirez arrived late to the clubhouse yesterday afternoon, predictably showing up after interim manager Jack McKeon had called the team together for a meeting at 3:30 pm. As a result, he was offered a seat on the bench for the duration of the evening. Had McKeon elected not to bench Ramirez for pulling that crap on his first day, he would have looked like a fool, so the move to sit him was a logical one.

When approached by reporters and questioned as to why Hanley wasn’t in the lineup, McKeon simply responded, “because I didn’t put him in there.” That explanation was all kinds of old man awesome. Can you really blame the guy for being so brief? He’s got a baseball team to manage and road beef to pillage.

McKeon ended up finishing his night in the same sparkling manner in which it began. Following the Marlins 2-1 loss to the Angels, the renowned cigar lover sat in the dugout and lit up a stogie much to the horror of third base coach, Joey Espada.

The next three months or so with Captain Jack have a healthy chance of being refreshingly entertaining.

[Fish Tank; cigar photo via @JimmyTraina, Bro Bible]

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