WSOP Attendance Is Up, Beer Pong Championship Won't Use Beer

The World Series of Poker is on pace for a record number of entrants in 2011. Total entrants are up 11.7% from the same stage last year. The main event begins on July 7th and will determine if it’s the biggest WSOP in history.

The WSOP said Tuesday that its participation and prize pools so far were on pace to surpass last year’s record totals of 72,966 participants and more than $187.1 million in prize money.

Good lord, I miss playing poker.

Meanwhile, across the country in Atlantic City people will be flocking (Maybe that’s a strong word…) to Resorts Casino Hotel this weekend for the World Beer Pong Championship. (Not to be confused with the World Series of Beer Pong.) Apparently, they will use water in the cups instead of beer. As long as they’re still drinking beer, I’m all for using water cups. It’s cleaner and healthier.

And if neither of those stories do it for you – here’s a beer can robot that is controlled by a Wii remote.

Because you want to see it first!

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