Here's Dwyane Wade Standing Dangerously Close to George Clooney's Ex-Girlfriend at a Fashion Show

Dwyane Wade went to a Fashion Show in Milan, Italy this week. He wore this ridiculous ensemble of tattered jeans, Justin Bieber-quality shades, and a blindingly turquoise (or is it sky blue?) jacket.

Wade stood in close proximity to Elisabetta Canalis, who happens to be the ex-girlfriend of George Clooney.

Which of course, led to this:

a source tells us the incandescent Canalis “didn’t appear too heartbroken” as she bonded with Miami Heat fashion plate Dwyane Wade in the front row of the DSquared2 fashion show that afternoon. Our source says the two were “quite chatty” and Canalis was “extra flirty,” though the status of her relationship with Clooney did not enter the conversation. “They spoke a lot about their love of fashion,” says the insider, who adds that despite a “great connection” between the two, it’s “doubtful” anything romantic would come of the relationship, because Wade is dating actress Gabrielle Union.

Wade was chatty about fashion? He has a love for fashion? It’s “doubtful” anything would happen between the two because Wade has a girlfriend?

Because elite professional athletes are so faithful, right?

That’s a tremendous paragraph, likely planted by someone in the Canalis camp, assuming she has one. Who are we kidding – with an ass like this, of course she has one.

Elisabetta Canalis gets cozy with NBA player Dwyane Wade after splitting with George Clooney [NYDN]

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