Iowa State Freshman DeVondrick Nealy Picked Up By Police After BB Gun Incident

Iowa State has suspended running back DeVondrick Nealy indefinitely after he was picked up by Iowa State police with a BB gun. He was with a group that were shooting things on campus at 2:39 in the morning.

Nealy was told to get and stay on the ground by an officer, but when the officer went to assist a fellow policeman Nealy got up and started walking north on Stange. A BB gun was found on Nealy.

BB guns are the cool freshman thing to do. Ask Markieff Morris.

Last summer I was getting ice cream with my girlfriend’s family when two police cars came screeching to a halt on the roadside 20 feet away. The officers jumped out of the car, drew their guns and screamed at this guy to get on the ground. Someone had called the cops after seeing this guy walking down the street on a cell phone wildly gesticulating with a weapon over his shoulder. The guy quickly dropped to his knees saying, “I’m sorry!”

After putting the guy in the car and talking to him the police eventually let him go. Turns that he had just bought an air rifle at a yard sale. The police took the air rifled and said he could come to the station to pick it up. I’m not sure if the man went back to the yard sale to try and buy a new pair of underpants.

The point is, kids, you can get in just as much trouble with a BB Gun as you can with a real gun. Sometimes toys aren’t just toys.

[GoCyclones via @BryanDFischer]

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