NBA Draft: Tristan Thompson to Cleveland, Bismack Biyombo to Charlotte

1. Cleveland - Kyrie Irving (Duke) – Yawn. Don’t think he’s in the CP3 mold even though people make that comparison; I liken Irving to a Mike Conley-type PG.
2. Minnesota – Derrick Williams (Arizona) – I can get more excited about this pick than the Irving one because the Wolves are actually building something decent. Love is a star, Rubio has star potential, and once they move a guy like Mike Beasley to the 6th man role (or trade him), and find a taker for Flynn, and find a position for Wesley Johnson (SG?) … they’ll be ready to contend for a playoff spot in the West. I’d guess 2013.
3. Utah – Enes Kanter (Turkey) – It’ll be interesting to see how he’ll fight for minutes on the frontline with Al Jefferson, Mehmet Okur (only one more year on his contract), Derrick Favors and Paul Millsap.
4. Cleveland -Tristan Thompson (Texas) – And there’s the first curveball of the draft. Unless, of course, the Cavs were drafting him … for another team?
5. Toronto – Jonas Valanciunas (Lithuania) – Fran Fraschilla of ESPN said JV’s hero was Aryvdas Sabonis. JV will probably stay in Europe for at least a year, and then coming into the league in a couple years. Fraschilla also said he reminds him of “a young Pau Gasol.” Seems like a bit of a stretch to me.
6. Washington – Jan Vesely (Czech Republic) – They call him the European Blake Griffin? What planet is this on? His girlfriend is very attractive.
7. Charlotte (via Sacramento) – Bismack Biyombo (Congo) – I couldn’t help but laughing at the “allegedly 18 years old” comments from the ESPN panel. Danny Almonte demands to see Biyombo’s birth certificate.
8. Detroit - Brandon  Knight (Kentucky). I hate myself for backing off the idea that the Pistons will take a point guard. I can’t believe I actually thought the Will Bynum-Rodney Stuckey backcourt had an ounce of value.

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