Roundup: Mike Tyson's Entourage, Tony Parker's Pool Party & Corey Perry is the MVP

Alison Brie … they got Whitey Bulger! (he was the inspiration for The Departed), My Little Pony meets Game of Thrones…. implants aren’t for lifeRon Swanson ice creamAmazon taking on the iPaddog and orangutan are best friends, have book… a 3km footpath being built around a mountain in China… this poor fat dogno charges for the bar that served Ryan Dunn… DWade doin’ worksheep dog that’s afraid of sheep… Bad Teacher review coming later today…

Apparently, OJ Simpson has confessed the murder of Nicole Brown to Oprah. This is the logical conclusion to every unsolved mystery. [Daily Mail]

Tony Parker’s pool party looked fun. [Busted Coverage]

Ed O’Bannon wants to be a college coach. [ESPN]

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Entourage. [Ehrl The Pearl]

Jason Segel, John Krasinski, Alison Brie and Emily Blunt sing karaoke. [HyperVocal]

Corey Perry is the NHL MVP. [LA Times]

Look away Knick fans – New York’s bustiest draft picks. [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]


Hopefully not speaking of busts… Jimmer is prepared to go anywhere. I haven’t felt this nervous since the Sweet 16. [Salt Lake Tribune]

JJ Barea got his own parade in Puerto Rico. [Full-Court Press]

A long summary of all Frank McCourt’s great work in LA. [It’s About The Money]

UConn’s new president is righting the ship. [CT Post]

Tobey Maguire won a lot of money off a hedge fund manager whose clients want their money back. [Film Drunk]

A mash-up tumblr for Game of Thrones and Arrested Development? Yes please! Warning: Some nudity so NSFW. [Arrested Westeros]

Breaking down the Bruins Foxswoods bar tab graphically. [Sixteen Wins]

Good lord. That is a lot of vomit. [NBC Philly via @erg79]

Another dope cut from Turquoise Jeep Records. This time, Slick Mahoney wants you to grab his belt. Why? Well, you need a smackin’.

This lady is a better hero than the Green Lantern.

Peyton and Eli’s ridiculous new DirecTV ad.

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