College Football Player Lifts Car to Free Trapped Man

University of South Florida offensive lineman Danous Estenor saved a man who was in dire need of help after getting trapped under the rear tire of a Cadillac Seville he had been working on. The man’s wife had been screaming for help while two men feebly attempted to lift the car, and that’s when Estenor came to the rescue:

“I just see his legs,” said Estenor, 21, a child of Haitian immigrants from Palm Beach. “The car is crushing him. He’s not moving. I’m thinking, ‘Oh, God, this guy is going to die.’ I tried to lift the car, and when I first tried, it didn’t budge. I backed up. I don’t know. But I felt this energy come, and I lifted it. I don’t know how, but somebody pulled him from the car.”

Pretty outstanding considering the Cadillac he lifted weighed roughly 3,500 pounds. The story is especially noteworthy because nothing positive or uplifting ever happens in Florida. It kind of reminds me of when Thor came to the rescue in “Adventures in Babysitting,” though with far less hostility and free of shrewd monetary demands.

USF’s Estenor lifts car to free trapped man [tampabay.com]

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