Jan Vesely and His Girlfriend, Eva Kodouskova Were the NBA Draft's Biggest Winners

When Jan Vesely was drafted 6th by the Wizards last night, and passionately kissed his girlfriend, Eva Kodouskova, the internet exploded with excitement because, frankly, the draft was terribly dull. Jimmer getting buried in the wasteland that is Sacramento, or Jan & Eva? No contest. Nearly a dozen trades – none of which made anyone an immediate contender, or involved any All-Stars – or Jan & Eva? Come on now.

Truth About It, a Wizards-centric blog, caught up with the happy couple in the bowels of Prudential Center, where it was revealed that Eva plays basketball (she appears to be at least 6-foot-1), she shoots free throws better than Vesely does, and that the happy couple went to the same elementary school.

Can Jan Vesely actually play basketball? That remains to be seen. He’s 6-foot-11, so naturally the comparisons to Dirk (but whiter!) have been made, but will he have Dirk’s worth ethic? Because anyone can run the floor and dunk the ball after receiving passes from John Wall. I definitely liked what the Wizards did in the draft – I had been advocating they draft Chris Singleton since April – and Shelvin Mack should be more than a capable backup to Wall and I think they’ll easily be the most interesting DC-based team next season (certainly over the rebuilding Redskins, and yes, more exciting than the Caps).


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