The Rock On Splash Mountain

Dwayne Johnson's photo Just bumped into John Cena! I was gonna knock the goofy off his ass, but I'll save that ass whuppin for Wrestlemania. The Rock visited Disney World this week and took this incredible picture on Splash Mountain. Even though it came from his official Twitter account and he also took pictures with Goofy and Minnie Mouse, I still don’t believe it’s not just a photoshop. It’s just too good to be true. The Rock flexing at the exact moment his picture is taken on Splash Mountain might be the greatest achievement of his career. Of course, being a born entertainer, I wouldn’t put it past The Rock to sit through the entire ride like while holding that pose. And that shirt? Pure ‘Mericuh, bro. I’m guessing he was also wearing that shirt when he invented the hashtag “#kicksomef’nasstoday.” Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to hit the gym.

[TheRock via @19jms]

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