David Kahn and Minnesota Drafted a 26-Year-Old

David Kahn and Minnesota Drafted a 26-Year-Old


David Kahn and Minnesota Drafted a 26-Year-Old

Most NBA franchises look to draft young players with tremendous upside in the draft. The Minnesota Timberwolves are not most NBA franchises. That’s why in the second round of this year’s draft they decided to add some depth an experience by selecting 26-year-old Tanguy Ngombo who had been playing in Qatar.

The Timberwolves bought the pick from the Blazers after they acquired it in a trade with Dallas. The Blazers made the pick on behalf of Minnesota. Since Ngombo is 26 (27 in less than a month) he was actually ineligible for the draft! If only they had the internet in Minnesota (it’s on the list) then they would have been able to figure out that Ngombo was really born in 1984. Unfortunately, there was no real way of knowing.

Portland will not be penalized for making the selection, but it will definitely be interesting (and funny!) to see what the league does to Minnesota. I’m guessing they have to sign David Kahn to a longer deal.

[Ball Don’t Lie]

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