James Toney And Ken Shamrock Start The Hype Train For September Fight

Are you a fan of boxing, mixed martial arts, professional wrestling or circuses where the elephants fight lions with one foot in the grave after a heavy last meal? Well, if you *shrugs* to one or more of those, you can start getting excited for the James Toney – Ken Shamrock mixed dirty boxing fight contest. The fight will take place September 23rd in El Paso, Texas at an unnamed event for an unnamed promotion.

This will be the 41-year-old Toney will be 42 if the fight happens this fall. Ken Shamrock will still be 47. This will be Toney’s second MMA fight and both will have come against 47-year-old former UFC champions.

As you can see in the above press conference video from Larry Brown Sports, Toney and Shamrock are already itching to put a middle-aged beating on each other. Shamrock’s indecipherable trash-talking quickly led to Toney’s shout-mumbled threats of pain.

The best part? The fight will feature eight 3-minute rounds and a 30-second shot clock if and when the fight goes to the ground. This should ensure that Toney gets to throw his first career punch in an MMA fight.

[Larry Brown Sports]

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