Jordan Hamilton Thinks He Fell in the Draft Because of Something Rick Barnes Said

Jordan Hamilton, a star at Texas and one of the most versatile scorers in last week’s NBA draft, was thought to be a lottery pick, but then mysteriously plummeted all the way to 26th. He was traded by Dallas, then traded to Portland and finally Denver. It actually won’t be a terrible fit – the Nuggets are losing JR Smith and Arron Afflalo is a better defensive player than an offensive one. Hamilton – who reminds me of Louisville scoring machine LaBradford Smith – should have a chance to produce as a rookie. But the fall from the lottery will cost Hamilton plenty of coin. He’s blaming his old coach, Rick Barnes.

“(Barnes) called some teams and said that I probably wasn’t coachable and things like that. But I feel I can be coachable”

He also told Tomasson that he “got some feedback” that led him to believe that information.

I’d make a Rick Barnes joke here, except that Barnes is a perpetual joke. The guy had three 1st round NBA picks, but couldn’t get out of the second round of the NCAA tournament? His teams chronically underachieve. And don’t give me this, “Rick Barnes is a great recruiter” line of hogwash, either – anyone could recruit kids to come play ball at Austin.

[Dallas News via commenter GSG]

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