Roundup: Video of a Shark Leaping Over Surfers, Terrell Owens Injured Allegedly Taping a VH1 Show & Michele Bachmann is a Contender

Katie Cassidy … the TSA is an utter embarrassment, and someone needs to get fired for thisgreat GIF, great site … he was hiding in a toilet … here’s a nice photo of Amanda Seyfried … dumbest headline I saw this weekend: “Why Black Women are ‘Obsessed’ with White Men” … gripping, but tough read about a 2009 shootout in which three cops died (features Super Mario jersey) … James Bond got married … this was written about computers and the internet in 1982 … who is the jackass that came up with ‘baby jumping?’ … finish this sentence: If Michele Bachmann wins the Republican nomination …

Terrell Owens needed surgery to repair his ACL because, according to one report, he “was hurt while on site taping a television show for VH1.” [Mort]

Los Angeles has given up on the Dodgers. Good read. [LA Times]

Fantastic read on Whitey Bulger, who had pistols in hollowed out books, and $800,000 cash in his apartment, some of it in the walls. [WSJ]

The natives are beginning to turn on Joe Mauer. [Star-Trib]

No we’ll really see what the US under-17 soccer team is made of – next up in the U-17 World Cup is Germany. [US Soccer]

Tracy Morgan didn’t make any gay jokes at a comedy show appearance over the weekend. [NYT]

If you’re curious about Wimbledon TV coverage this week leading up to the Final. [USA Today]

Coach K says nobody from Minnesota contacted him about the Timberwolves’ coaching job. [Durham Herald Sun ]

I wonder if the TCU football team had anything to do with this surge in student applications. [Chronicle]

Public flogging, or jail? Sounds like an interesting book. [Economist]

Yes, we’ll be talking more about the USA 4-2 loss to Mexico today. [Times]

Walter Dix talks a good game, but Usain Bolt will destroy him this summer. [Wash Post]

This shark jumped over some surfers this weekend.

RIP Nick Charles.

Look! It’s not a sad video about a cat! [H/T the esteemed Stephen Douglas]

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