Roundup: Floyd Mayweather Returns, Paul Kariya Retires & Chris Hansen Takes A Seat

Sisters Joanna and Marta Krupa… hit by lightning at bible camp… flights delayed at Kennedy because of turtlesLouis C.K. on farts… Chris Hansen caught cheating on his wife by the National Enquirer… Chuck Liddell is “Chocolate Al“… $9 million traffic stop… Damn, Smufette looks goodfast food mafiaThree Musketeers looks awesome(ly bad).Transformers by the numbers… someone find me Mario as Raoul Duke NOW… LBJ and Bono

Floyd Mayweather is back, but he’s nothing without Manny Pacquaio. [Sports Illustrated]

Justin Timberlake was one of the people involved in the $35 million purchase of MySpace. Their first move will be to drop the “my.” It’s much cleaner. [Guardian UK]

NBC is giving away Tim Riggins’ truck. Can’t you just picture TBL pretending to be a football player during the lockout? [NBC]

Paul Kariya has announced his retirement. [TSN]

Lego Dirk. [ESPN]

I hate retired cricket player Alex Loudon. [US Magazine]

The key to any great performance is the sequined half-shirt.

Full Tilt Poker shut down. [BBC]

At 24, Maria Sharapova is the oldest woman left at Wimbledon. [NPR]

Chad Johnson is willing to replace Chris Hansen on TCAP. [Twitter]

Don’t read about Quentin Tarantino’s (allegedly) confirmed foot fetish until after breakfast. [Film Drunk]

Kevin Durant is too buys to worry about the lockout. [USA Today]

Soccer fans threaten referee’s life at halftime. [Unprofessional Foul]

Neat little film called Splitscreen. Hug your loved ones.

This paralyzed cat is learning to swim for physical therapy!

Apparently, this was 1 year ago yesterday. LeBatard nailed every single signing. (As long as you give him Miami instead of South Beach.) What does it mean that Simmons used team names instead of cities? Dissect Grantland!

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