So, About that NBA Trade Before the Deadline ... Nice Job, Sacramento!

Though you can’t find details about it on NBA.com, the Cavs traded their 3rd leading scorer, JJ Hickson, to Sacramento yesterday for swingman Omir Casspi and a conditional future draft pick.

I know, it’s tough to get remotely excited about a trade among cellar-dwellers in a league that just locked out, but I really like it from Sacramento’s point of view. (Way to make up for that draft-day disaster!) With a crush of players at the 1-2-3, the Kings added a bruising power forward who has improved his scoring and rebounding in each of his three years in the league, and averaged 13-8 last year in only 28 minutes a night. Hickson will battle Jason Thompson for playing time alongside DeMarcus Cousins. I don’t see Samuel Dalembert returning (the Heat want him). The problem with Hickson, besides inconsistency? He thinks very highly of himself, and will want to be paid that way next summer.

Right now I’d project a Sacramento starting lineup of Tyreke Evans (21), Marcus Thornton (24), John Salmons (31), JJ Hickson (22) and DeMarcus Cousins (20). That’s an awfully-young group. The bench is inexperienced, too – Jimmer (22), Donte Greene (24), Jason Thompson (24) and Francisco Garcia (29). They’ll score plenty, but also lose a lot of games. Get excited for the 2012 draft, Kings fans!

Casspi? He’ll probably be a reserve behind Antawn Jamison.  He’s Jewish, so a certain segment of Cleveland fans will be thrilled. Casspi’s greatest accomplishment to date is the time he recently hung out with Bar Refaeli.

Because you want to see it first!

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