The Roundup: How ESPN's Lowball Helped Launch the Big Ten Network, Kyle Korver and a Turtle & Welcome to the NBA Lockout!

Ashley Greene and Miranda Kerr … finally, Brits can stab burglars! … what was your first online handle? … actual headline: “Woman Furious Over Ice Cream Makers Smashes Windows At Target With A Louisville Slugger” … yeah, WTF is Michael Jordan wearing? … Game of Thrones of Muppets? … TSA continues to struggle: How’d they let this happen? … sick story that may ruin your morning … for the ski/snowboarding set … you’d think Men’s Health could have gotten a better photo of Allison Stokke … Florida, of course: “Boy Catches Grandpa Naked On Bed With Dog” … never do this, especially not with your 5-month old in the car … your blockbuster story for Friday … check out the headlines at NBA.com

The Big Ten network was born out of a lowball offer on a contract extension from ESPN’s Mark Shapiro. [Tribune]

In Ohio you can carry a gun into a bar! Gosh I love that state. [Reuters]

NBA lockout: It’s here, and probably will be for quite some time. [LA Times]

A few days late, but here’s Gene Weingarten on branding. [Washington Post]

I thought Gruden’s TV moment with Pryor was awful, too. [Pro Football Talk]

Phenomenal story about the Prince who blew through billions. Worth the 30 minutes of your time.  [Vanity Fair]

A turtle, Kyle Korver, and a second chance. Uplifting! [Inquirer]

A mother’s body was missing two days, and there’s a chance she was at the bottom of a public pool the entire time. That seems highly, highly unlikely though. [Herald]

Critical reading for this weekend: The rules of wiffleball. [WSJ]

It’s hard to believe that successful former Vermont coach Tom Brennan can’t get so much as a sniff from a mid-major school. [Rush the Court]

Stung by a scorpion while napping on a flight. [Globe]

Things I don’t like seeing: an NBA lockout headline with the words, “tremendous damage.” [NYDN]

The movie roles keep rolling in for Brooklyn Decker. [Page Six]

Exceedingly well done.

Eric Byrnes crashed into Harold Reynolds re-enacting a moment from the Cubs’ game.

Watch 90 seconds of movie bridges getting blown up. [via Hot Clicks]

Julia Roberts was on Letterman last night to promote a movie … but here she is on Letterman in 1994.

Because you want to see it first!

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