Knowshon Moreno, Proud Fan of Kelly Kapowski


Based on this endearing photograph and highly fashionable t-shirt, it couldn’t be more obvious that Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno is in love with Kelly Kapowski, and would like the world to know as much. In all honesty, can we really blame the guy? Kapowski adoration has been a worldwide phenomenon for some time now and probably one of the few things in life capable of bonding sworn enemies like Red Sox and Yankee fans, or Ned Stark and that polarizing little shit, King Joffrey. If you’re somehow Team Spano or Team Turtle (both Lisa and the midget from Entourage), your issues are larger than Mr. Belding’s forehead.

As for Knowshon’s unidentified buddy, there is never an acceptable time to wear a Jessica Simpson t-shirt unless, unless, your head is buried in Jessica Simpson’s cleavage.

[via @PostBroncos]

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