Larissa Riquelme is Once Again Making Silly 'I'll Get Naked' Proclamations About Paraguay and Soccer

Larissa Riquelme, one of the unlikely stars of the 2010 World Cup – it happens when you look like this and tell the world you’ll run through the streets naked if Paraguay wins the Cup – has made another bold proclamation: She’ll get naked and run through the streets of Paraguay nude if Paraguay wins Copa America.

Riquelme, a bikini model who occasionally gets naked for the camera, was spared of having to run through the dangerous streets of Paraguay after eventual champ Spain ousted Paraguay in the World Cup quarterfinals. It is highly unlikely Paraguay will win Copa America – hell, getting out of Group B will be extremely difficult, since Brazil is in there – so maybe Riquelme will just have to pose naked again instead of sprinting nude through the streets. Riquelme attended Paraguay’s opening game – a 0-0 tie against Ecuador.


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