Jose Bautista's "Clutch Singles" Song Fouled Out to the Catcher

Jose Bautista, Major League Baseball and ad agency Hill Holliday have regrettably joined forces to create a music video centered around the Blue Jays All-Star. The catchy ballad is somewhat unbelievable in the sense that the use of auto-tune in music and commercials was a fad that became tired and no longer “neat” well over a year ago. Sadly, 98.3% of the song slurps from the auto-tune teet, though I will say the lyrics of “this baaaaall, this baaaaall, this baaaaall, is gone” and “they call me Joey-Jo-Jo-Joey bats” are not only verbally intense, but an achievement that should not go unnoticed.

I listened to the song three times in an effort to see if I could figure out what Joey Bats was saying other than telling me that they call him Joey Bats, but my mission was left unfulfilled and instead found myself hoping to be attacked by a rogue rototiller.

The fact that a “Grammy-nominated songwriter” wrote this song should be in no way discouraging for starving artists like Annie and the troubled but promising Sonny. They must press on.

[via MLB Fan Cave; h/t @SouvenirCity]

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