Nebraska Imparts Knowledge to Student-Athletes, Violates NCAA Rules.

When will the corruption train stop? The University of Nebraska athletic department self-reported NCAA violations for providing nearly $28,000 in extra textbooks to students over a four-year period. University bookstores misinterpreted the rule and provided scholarship athletes with the recommended textbooks on their syllabi, in addition to the required ones.

What was the “improper benefit” these athletes received? Knowledge? Nebraska turns a $32 million profit on its football program. The NCAA has a rule in place to block the school from diverting $7,000 of that to extra books. The cost, over four years, of Nebraska’s insidious scheme to enhance athletes’ academic experience was about half what Bo Pelini makes in a week.

NCAA rules allow anyone else affiliated with college sports to latch on to the teat, go on nearly six-figure golf outings with Jack Nicklaus and get free loaner cars. The student-athletes participating don’t even get all their textbooks. This rule is absurd. The only facet of the story more absurd is that otherwise intelligent people wrote about it and tweeted it without condemning it.

I could filet the logic further, but Jay Bilas put it best on twitter.

Nebraska situation indicates I received extra benefit in college. I met with prof in his office, and no office hours were publicly posted.

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