Derek Jeter's 3000th Hit Is The Most Important Thing In Your Life Right Now

3,000 hits is the most important milestone in sports history. Derek Jeter is the most important athlete in sports history. New York, New York is the most important city in the history of the world. The New York Yankees are the most important franchise in sports history. Derek Jeter currently has 2,998 hits in his career. He will soon have 3,000 career hits. All while playing for the Yankees.Either of your parents would have abandoned your family to be with Derek Jeter if they had the chance.

No one disputes any of the previous sentences because they end in periods and are undisputed facts of truth. Thus, we shall debate Jeter’s importance in a historical perspective. We will name him the greatest. Those who argue shall be struck down. Both ESPN and MLB will cut into regularly scheduled programming to show all of Derek Jeter’s at-bats after he gets #2,999. Do not leave your house. Watch greatness unfold on your television. Enjoy your weekend as much as is possible by someone who is not Derek Jeter.

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