Rasheed Wallace Still Arguing With Referees

The North Carolina Pro Am is going on. In this video you can see guys like Harrison Barnes, P.J. Hairston, David Noel and Jerry Stackhouse balling on the summer circuit. While there’s not much passing, it’s still interesting to see guys like Stack and Rasheed Wallace play with the young guys.

Sheed’s team shows up at the 2:57 mark. He mostly rebounds and throws outlet passes, but around the 6:45 mark an out-of-bounds goes against him. He immediately goes to the patented Rasheed Wallace bug out. He stops and laughs before getting a summer league technical, but dammit if it doesn’t make me feel young again to see Rasheed Wallace yelling at an official.

Also, note that defense has been made illegal in North Carolina during months where the temperature hits 80 or above.

[Scout.com, h/t: amid d game]

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