Pacman Jones Latest Arrest "Don't Make No Sense"

Pacman Jones was arrested at 2:35am at a Cincinnati bar Sunday. He was allegedly causing a scene and resisted arrest. WCPO Channel 9 spoke with Pacman when he was released this morning. Much like Hines Ward, he’s sorry and innocent.

In a video interview with WCPO Channel 9 , Jones denied shouting profanities in the bar, as well as resisting arrest.

“It’s ridiculous. … It don’t make no sense.”

“The only thing I can do is be me and do what I’m supposed to do. I was not yelling at the police. I was not yell(ing) profanity at the police. And at the end of the day … I’m the bad guy,” he said.

Why do the police keep arresting innocent football players? That’s two locked out NFL players in two nights who have been arrested without doing anything wrong. Personally, I can’t wait for more details about either case.

[WCPO, Oh, and Pacman is wearing a neck brace because of a recent surgery.]

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