Women's World Cup: USA Vs. Brazil

It’s been 12 years since the United States won the Women’s World Cup. Yes, it’s been 12 years since Brandi Chastain removed her shirt in that iconic celebration. It was the summer of Livin’ La Vida Loca and Nookie. I was at a team basketball camp and we had that Saturday afternoon off. We were in a common area in a University of St. Lawrence dormitory.

The afternoon started with a couple of my friends and I watching the final. As the first half wore on the entire team filtered in. (We would watch the premiere of Chris Rock’s Bigger and Blacker later that night. Both viewing experiences would change our lives forever.)

After the half, players from other teams started to come in and watch. By the time we reached overtime, the room was packed with players from all over the state. It was one of those ridiculous cliched moments where all the rivals pull together for a common rooting interest. When Brandi Chastain scored the penalty kick that won the tournament we went crazy. It was an unbelievable moment and sporting event that I’ll never forget.

With that, go USA!

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