Roundup: Tiger Woods is Making an Announcement, Surgery For A-Rod & Who Leads the NFL in Arrests During the Lockout?

Jennifer Lopez … he lost in a taekwondo tournament, then kicked his opponent in the face … the five greatest bar brawls in American history … Ken Jeong: From doctor to rich movie star … if you need an inspiration pick-me-up to start the week, might I suggest this? … a wedding dress made out of newspaperhow much worse can it get for Murdoch’s now-shuttered News of the World? … the divorce generation … less than two weeks to the release of Captain America! … taking you back to Full House (it’s a crime this couldn’t be embedded) … father rescues son who fell in a well in Ohio … Beckham’s new kid: Harper Seven

Which team leads the NFL in arrests during the lockout? Tampa Bay, and in second place … Kenny Britt of the Titans. [Rotoworld]

What’s Tiger Woods going to announce at 11 am? [Wei Under Par]

Who knew Dirk Nowitzki was so marketable? [The Daily]

The 10 Most Hated Men in the SEC. [Dixie Fried Sports]

So, about that former Maryland Terp who came out of the closet and is now attempting to become a Olympic wrestler … [Sun]

Joe Buck suffered an injury to one of his vocal cords and nearly lost his voice? [USA Today]

A woman in Texas gave birth to a 16-pound baby that doctors nicknamed “Moose.” [Chronicle]

The guy who caught Jeter’s 3,000 hit owes about $100k in school loans. [NY Post]

Speaking of Jeter, how many hits do you think he’ll finish with? I predict 3,261. [SI]

Fabio Cannavaro, the captain of Italy’s 2006 World Cup-winning team, has retired. [Guardian]

Shannon Stone, the Texas Rangers’ fan who fell to his death Thursday night, will be laid to rest today. [Brownwood News]

Knee surgery will keep A-Rod on the shelf for 4-6 weeks. Eduardo Nunez is expected to be his replacement. [NYDN]

Is anyone else LeBroned-out at this point? [Esquire]

Delonte West, freestylin’ poorly. [via Inside Hoops]

A month old, but still impressive.

Plaxico Burress knows this idiot’s pain.

Because you want to see it first!

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