Happy 32nd Anniversary to Disco Demolition Night

Thirty-two years ago tonight, Chicago’s Comiskey Park hosted the greatest promotional event in the history of sports. Disco Demolition Night lives on in infamy thanks to the near-riot that resulted in a vinyl bonfire in center field. The description of the chaos is as metal as it was. From the New York Times:

“And then all hell broke loose,” Morris said. “They charged the field and started tearing up the pitching rubber and the dirt. They took the bases. They started digging out home plate.”

The batting cage was dragged out and trashed; fans burned banners and climbed foul poles. Above the field, Hemond’s private box sheltered the wife and children of Don Kessinger, the White Sox’ manager, but fans tried to climb inside.

This is why we only get bobble-head and hat night. No more ten-cent beers or “bring something to be destroyed” night at the ballpark. It’s really a shame.

Because you want to see it first!

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